The Good Guys 1976

Episode 1
Werewolf Sex Commune

While chasing reports of the Sasquatch in the pacific northwest, the hunters are suddenly attacked by werewolves. After defeating the werewolves the hunters stop in a nearby small town to fix the banged up Vista Cruiser, where they learned of a nearby “Hippy Camp”. Deciding to investigate the camp, they learn that the camp is populated entirely by female werewolves. Further investigation teaches them that some force has been kidnapping young male werewolves from the community and turning them to evil ends. Chasing the trail, the hunters learn that it is none other than Legion, one of the 7 eternal evils loosed on the earth in ancient times, though his current body seems to prefer being called “Shit-Load” After summarily kicking nine colors of hell out of the demon, he fled in the form of a swarm of black flies. The demon defeated, the young male werewolves regain their free will and return to the camp. The hunters are hailed as heroes and spend a pleasant evening in the company of wolves.

Circus Maximus

While driving home from a more or less successful ghost hunt, The hunters decide to pick up a lovely hitch hiker. A short drive later they return the young girl to her carnival home only to be attacked by the ringleader and a host of Evil Clowns. With judicious application of various sizes of bullets, they discover that once injured, evil clowns gain the ability to combine into a giant club wielding clown monstrosity. After blowing up the propane tanks on the ringleaders trailer, the rest of the evil circus is put to the torch, never to terrorize mortals again.


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