The Good Guys 1976

Episode 2

Guido Gargoyles from Gary, Indiana

At the request of the Mother of the werewolf commune, the hunters head to Gary to track down a new werewolf derived drug, Rage. After shaking down the hustler and drug dealer “Big Jim” Walker for his contact, the hunters have a nice long chat with Salvatore “The Weasel” Valestra. Sal tells them that he’d never deal such a dangerous drug and sends the hunters to take out a rogue member of his organization. Heading across town to the steelworks, the hunters find a kidnapped, somewhat anemic werewolf and, in the process of rescuing him, run afoul of Sid “The Squid”, the mastermind behind the “Rage”. The Squid enlists the help of his nearly invincible Gargoyle servants. After defeating the bad guys and starting a gang war in Gary, the hunters learn of Legion’s involvement with Sid the Squid, and move on, no closer to ending the reign of the great evil.



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